Only those with strong metaphysical skills and past psychic reading employment, and
psychic readers with phone experience need apply.  This is a very busy Psychic Counseling
service, and we will ask for past experience & references.  Scripts are not allowed.

Depending on your psychic employment experience and skills...the pay scale is:
$1.00 to $3.99 per minute. not submit the application if you are not qualified and experienced.
We do not offer Training.

  • Your methods and skills will be tested during your interview.   We are a great company to work for, and if you are qualified, and have past psychic employment experience...We welcome you!  And most important of all, we are looking for those who want to use their Psychic Metaphysical Gifts as they were intended.  We want you to make a good living, but you must have a true desire to help others.
  • We are an 800 line.  No logs to send.  No information to capture.   No pressure from impossible averages and prioritising.  You must be logged in to receive calls.  We need you at least 4 hours, 5 days a week.   Of course, you can work more if you choose to do so, there are psychic readers making way over a $1,000 a week...but they do put in more than 20 hours a week.  You do not need to be on the Internet while logged on, but it is helpful.  You must be available to accept a call during your scheduled hours.  You may choose your own schedule.  For more information, submit the application and we will get back to you right away.  You are going to love working with us!

  • Two phone lines, DSL, or Cable is not necessary....but of course makes the work much more efficient, and would allow you to monitor the line while you are logged on.

  • Complete and submit the form below. I will get in touch as soon as possible and we will set a time for your interview.

  • All Star Psychics:
  • Administrator: Lyndell Voyatzis
  • Office hours: 10 AM to 6:00 PST
  • 951 609-1925
  • Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

    Your Email:
    City & State:
    System Phone:
    Your Gender: Male  Female
    Birth Day:
    Birth Month:
    Birth Year:  eg 1964
    Phone Readings? Yes   No
    Worked For:
    For How Long:
    Call Average:
    Your Website?
    Hours you will work weekly?

    Reading Methods you consider yourself to be Expert in? Tarot
    Angel Readings
    Dream Interpretations
    Past Life Regressions
    Time Line Reading
    Spiritual Medium
    Lost Persons/Objects
    Voice Vibrations
    Enter your experience, methods, and Metaphysical Background Below:

    ***** Please check that your E-mail address is correct before sending *****      
    If you don't get a reply from us, that will be the reason why.


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